8 Week Ninja Nation Jump Start

with Mike & Amy

Time to jump start your fitness journey!

A message from us

mike side plank
Amy t-plank

Included in this 8 week/4 day split program you’ll get:

  • Beginner to intermediate level program

  • 8 challenging UPPER body workouts

  • 8 amazing LOWER body workouts

  • 16 unique HIIT & circuit style cardio workouts


*All exercises come complete with DEMO videos performed by us personally.

These workouts were designed to help you shed those unwanted pounds while helping you tone that muscle and build strength in the process using minimal equipment and bodyweight.

Take Your Workouts With You!

What You’ll Need

  • Power Resistance Bands or Tube Resistance Bands with handles
    Used for exercises like Glute Kickbacks or Thrusters
  • Mini Resistance Bands
    Used for exercises like Lateral Squat Walks or Pulse Squats
  • Suspension Trainer i.e. TRX HOME2 SYSTEM
    (Optional – most movements in the program can be performed with just bodyweight or resistance bands) –
    Used for bodyweight exercises like Chest Presses or Back Rows
  • Skipping Rope
    Used for warm-ups and some interval training.
  • Bench, steps or a sturdy chair
    Used for things like Bench Hop Overs or Bodyweight Step-ups
    This program was designed to be performed with minimal equipment as we are in a time with COVID19 where access to equipment or gyms is limited.

What People Are Saying

I was in a bad place when it came to my health. I could not get motivated. I connected with Mike and we developed a program that suited my needs; once I started working at it slowly and began my new journey the results started to show. Now I am 10.5 lbs lighter, leaner, and getting stronger by the day. My cardio has improved immensely and I look forward to my workouts trying to beat my own best time.

His positivity is refreshing and encouraging, Mike has changed the way I see training and has gotten me back in the right mindset.

~ Juan

Mike is a remarkable person! Best motivator and fitness coach/trainer I have ever had. He is constantly a source of inspiration and his encouraging, non-judgmental approach has kept me going!!

~ Karim

I messaged mike 7 months ago to get started on a workout and diet program. I saw his posts and how he transformed his body and it helped motivate me to do the same. It’s been the best thing having mike design a program for me every month and help me with my diet as well. It’s a night and day change since I started. The accountability that he brought to the table and his expertise helped me create new goals and over the last few months I’ve made excellent gains because he tailored it to me specially taking everything into account from old injuries, sports specific training etc.. I would really highly recommend mike to anyone who’s looking to take the next step. Even during Covid Mike tailored the program with the limited access to equipment that I had and yet with his expertise I lost more weight and became even fitter. The workouts were always challenging, varied, interesting and hard.
~ Bronti

Amazing person! He lives what he promotes, a healthy balanced lifestyle.

~ Jen

Super great guy! Incredibly knowledgeable, motivating and great positive energy.

~ Melanee

Limited Spots Available!

This 8 week program is NOT a personal training package.

If you have specific goals you would like to discuss please contact me directly to set up a consultation.